LegoPalooza 2014

LegoPalooza 2014 – Morehead planetarium UNC Chapel Hill

April 26-27th 2014

NCLTC will be part of this show.   Posted below is the layout map for this show

LegoPalooza 2014v8

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LEGOPalooza 2011

The North Carolina LEGO Train Club will once again have a layout on display at LEGOPalooza. Danny Pikora is taking the lead on layout planning this year. New to the layout will be a brick built road with a parade route! A brick built road is just that – roads that are actually constructed from LEGO elements.


version of the layout plan.

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LEGOPalooza up and running!

A bit of a delayed post – should have done this Friday night. Setup was fairly painless this year. The room was available earlier than expected which always helps with setip. The layout tables are slightly different than the ones we used for the plan which meant we had to adjust a bit on the fly but it worked out. The layout is

a nice size – an “L” shape about 15′ on each leg.

Pictures will be posted soon but if you have a chance today, head over to Chapel Hill toi catch Day 2 of LEGOPalooza from 1:00 – 4:00. The room is much more spread out so the crowd problems we had last year are not an issue this year – at least they weren’t yesterday!

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Final Layout Plan? V11 posted

V11 of the 2010 LEGOPalooza train layout plan has been posted. Hopefully this will be the final plan since LEGOPalooza set up is tomorrow afternoon. Let me know ASAP if you see any issues.

Download Track Plan

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LEGOPalooza Track Plan v10

LEGOPalooza is a week away so I am trying to finalize the track plan. This is the latest with Will Stroh picking up some of the space I was going to use.

Track Plan

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LEGOPalooza Track Plan v9


noted buy cialis online on the mailing list, I had forgotten a couple contributors. I have updated the Track Plan accordingly.

Track Plan

Download Track Plan

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New Table Layout and Track Plan

I have made some changes to both the table layout and the track layout based on the recent NCLUG meeting. It occurred to me that there was a better table configuration that what I had originally picked. We still have a little space left for anyone who is still interested in

participating. I have also moved the layout plan over to BlueBrick which is why the buy viagra online images look differently than they have previously.

Table Layout

Track Layout

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LEGOPalooza Track Plan updated

LEGOPalooza Track Plan v7At the NCLUG meeting yesterday afternoon we were able to nail down some more aspects of the LEGOPalooza track plan. I have

updated the plan and posted it on buy cheap cialis online the 2010 LEGOPalooza page.

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2010 LEGOPalooza Layout Plan Update

This morning I posted an update for the 2010 LEGOPalooza layout.

The 2010 layout will be L shaped and will be in a corner of the room making it easier to man. If you are interested in viagra online participating, please contact me ASAP.

NCLTC LEGOPalooza 2010 Layout Plan v6

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LEGOPalooza 2010 Table Plan

The NCLTC layout at 2010 LEGOPalooza will not be as large as the layout we did last year.  Last years

layout was actually too large to manage with the crowd we had and not having a wall center donut made the layout difficult to man.  This  year the layout will be an L shape and will be in one corner of the room.  A preliminary plan should be published in the next couple days but the table configuration will look like this:


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