NCLTC member FAQs:

  • NCLTC membership is open to any adult over the age of 18.
  • Club displays are all done in minifig scale and are not limited to any specific theme, even though we are a train club
  • What are NCLTC benefits?
    • It lets its members keep in touch – on our forums and email list
    • Our combined resources allow us all to have a better building and display experience
    • We have small informal meetings in different cities.
    • We set up exhibits at train shows, science fiction and comic conventions and other shows.
    • When the local LEGO stores need volunteers for demonstrations, there we are!
    • We occasionally have private swap meets and club give aways
    • The LEGO Group occasionally invites active LUG members to make bulk part purchases for use in building their own models (NOT for resale).
    • The LEGO Group lets each LUG name an official “Ambassador.”  The Ambassador communicates suggestions and concerns from the club members to LEGO, and yes, they do sometimes take suggestions from their fans!

Does the club have teaching or mentoring programs?

  • Not formally.  Most of our members will be delighted to explain how they got some particular “build” to work, but we don’t have any organized classes.

 Joining NCLTC is easy, just click here and fill out the new member application

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