LEGOPalooza 2010

NCLTC will have a train layout on display at LEGOPalooza

2010.  LEGOPalooza is an annual public display put on by NCLUG at the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  It is a fun couple of days but usually very hectic.  Looks like the exhibit space problem we faced last year will not be an issue this year.

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LEGOPalooza 2009

This weekend NCLTC will have a large train layout on display at LEGOPalooza.  LEGOPalooza

is a joint effort between NCLUG and the Morehead Planetarium.  Located on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, Morehead Planetarium has a large exhibition hall which will be filled with all sorts of LEGO exhibits.  The train layout is just one of the exhibits which will be on display.

Dates and Times

  • Saturday January 31st:  11 AM 4 PM
  • Sunday February 1st:  1PM 4PM


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Resurrecting old show pictures

NCLTC has done quite a few shows over the years and pictures from the various shows we have done are scattered over BrickShelf, Flickr, and now defunct cialis 20 mg web sites.  I have gathered up some of the old pictures and have started posting them to Flickr and creating pages for each show on this site.

I have posted pictures from a couple old

shows, check out the page links to see some interesting old photos of the first few NCLTC layouts.

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2009 LEGOPalooza Finalized Track Plan

The track plan for LEGOPalooza is now finalized.  It has moved around quite a bit but at this point, I think it is done.  It needs to be!  This is by far the largest layout NCLTC has ever done.  If you are in the Chapel Hill,

NC area this weekend, drop by Morehead Planetarium and check it out.


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Final Track Plan?

Probably not but we are getting close.  With LEGOPalooza less than two weeks away, the (near) final track plan  has been posted.  It is coming together – I am pretty sure this will be the largest train layout NCLTC has ever done.  It certainly has the largest and most interesting rail yard we’ve ever had.  It may even be possible to add another

train loop to the right side of the bar if we have enough train track – we’ll have to play that by ear though.

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LEGOPalooza Plan Update

As LEGOPalooza

approaches, the NCLTC track plan is getting close.  The

current state of the plan is shown below.


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Preliminary Track Plan

I have posted a preliminary

track plan for

the LEGOPalooza 2009.  Right now the only confirmed contributors are myself (Mike Walsh) and Carin Proctor.


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NCLTC at LEGOPalooza 2009

NCLTC will exhibit a LEGO Train layout at LEGOPalooza 2009 at Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill, NC.  viagra no prescription More details will be posted over the next couple weeks, if you are interested

in participating, contact Mike Walsh ASAP!

LegoPalooza 2009


Morehead Planetarium, Chapel Hill, NC

Set up

  • Friday, Jan 30, 12:30pm-9pm


  • Saturday, Jan 31, 11am-4pm
  • Sunday, Feb 1, 1pm-4pm
  • Breakdown Sunday, Feb 1, 4:01pm
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What's going on with NCLTC?

Nothing!  Unfortunately it is fairly accurate.  We don’t have anything lined up for this coming Holiday Season but I haven’t really been seeking anything out either.  We won’t be doing a LEGO tree at Tinsel Town, at least not

with a train, there was too little disregard for the train canadian viagra and it took a pretty good beating.

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LEGO Train Odometer

Shaun Sullivan announced his LEGO Train Odomoter (aka LEGOdometer) on LUGNET last week. Shaun’s LEGOdometer measures

the distance a train runs up to 99.99 miles and is remarkably accurate. online pharmacy cialis This is truly a remarkable project, the description of the whole project is well worth reading. It really is amazing what some people figure out what do to with LEGO elements.

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